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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a whistleblower system/whistleblower software?

The expression whistleblower software describes a system for obtaining information that investigators in companies and administrations use to open up a confidential communication channel for their employees and also people in the environment. This can be used by you – this also applies to whistleblowers – to report possible crimes and ethics violations.”

why do companies need a whistleblower system?

It allows employees, customers and other stakeholders to confidentially report concerns and ensures transparency and compliance with laws and regulations.

How does whistleblower software ensure whistleblower anonymity?

Our whistleblower software guarantees anonymity through secure, confidential reporting channels. We use encryption and strict access controls to protect reporters' identities and ensure they can report without fear of retaliation.

What types of issues can be reported through the whistleblower software?

A wide variety of issues can be reported through whistleblower software, including financial fraud, harassment, discrimination, security breaches, environmental concerns, and any unethical or illegal activity within a company.

Can whistleblowers attach evidence when they file a report?

Yes, our whistleblower software allows individuals to attach supporting documents such as files or photos to their reports. This helps provide a fuller understanding of the issue.

How does the company handle reports submitted through the software?

Reports submitted through the software are typically escalated to a dedicated ethics or compliance team within the organization. The team then investigates the report, follows established protocols, and takes appropriate action based on the severity of the issue.

Are companies legally required to have whistleblower software?

Legal requirements for reporting violations vary by jurisdiction and industry. To find out more visit the following link:

How can companies foster a culture of trust and encourage reporting of violations?

Organizations can foster a culture of trust by actively encouraging the reporting of violations, protecting whistleblowers from retaliation, and demonstrating a commitment to addressing reported issues in a timely and effective manner. Communication and education about the whistleblower program are also important factors in building trust.

Is the whistleblower software user-friendly and accessible to everyone in the company?

Yes, the whistleblower software is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all stakeholders, including employees, contractors, customers and suppliers. It often includes different reporting channels such as web forms and mobile apps to meet different preferences and needs.

How does whistleblower software help companies prevent and address misconduct?

Whistleblower software serves as a proactive tool to identify and address misconduct before it worsens. By providing confidential reporting, it empowers people to report concerns in a timely manner, allowing companies to take corrective action and prevent further problems.

Is the data transmitted through the whistleblower software safe and secure?

Yes, we place the highest value on the security and confidentiality of all data transmitted via our whistleblower software. We use industry-standard encryption and security measures to protect information and ensure that only authorized personnel can access it.

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